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Layaway Program

Our layaway programs begins with a pre-approval process which sets the ideal total for your dream home. After this, you can then choose one of our custom home plans or work with our architect to build your ideal home plan that fits within the pre-approval budget.

Once that's all done, you make monthly payments towards building that home. The total being paid monthly is also calculated in the pre-approval process. This ensures it's a manageable total that doesn't create any financial strain while working towards building your dream home.

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Box-Hand Program

After your pre-approval process is done, you can choose from our custom home plans or work with our architect to create your own plan that fits within your pre-approved budget. The pre-approval also determines what total will be manageable for you to invest monthly into your box hand program.

You'll join 25 other participants in making monthly payments while participants take turns in building their home. This makes it faster for each individual to get into their home rather than investing solo in a home program.

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6 Mil Program

Our 6-Mil program makes it easy to get into a starter home! With this program we build a starter home for you on your land. It's 20' X 30' with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. It's simple to get started with a single deposit of 4 million GYD and the remaining balance can be paid off in 24-48 months Interest-Free!

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25% Increments Program

This program was created for individuals that prefer lump sum payments towards their dream home. Instead of monthly payments after our pre-approval stage, our participants make payments in lump sum amounts which gets their home built faster.

It's ideal for those who cannot facilitate monthly payments due to travel, occupation or other reasons. This was you don't have to worry about missing monthly installments towards your home! 

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Option Program

Our option program is the most flexible option for home owners. It starts with our pre-approval process and home plan creation. After that's done you begin to make payments on your home on a monthly basis. However the monthly total is flexible to suit your finances.

This plan offers the least financial strain as participants are allowed to pay whatever they can manage financially for that month. It's our most flexible home program! Homeownership has never been this easy! 

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Program Requirements

✔ Personal Identification (2 forms)
✔ Proof of address
✔ Letter from employer(Job Letter) / Recent pay slip.
✔ TIN Certificate
✔ Financial statements if self employed and 12 months chequing account statements,
✔ Details on existing loans (including credit union and hire purchase) and credit cards.
✔ Your Initial Deposit towards your down payment.

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